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Journeyman III

What is the maximum ambient temperature for the Radeon Pro WX7100

What is the maximum ambient temperature (temperature of the air around the Radeon Pro WX7100) that the card can be fully functional in and meet all specifications including performance? We have not been able to find either the temperature rating or the manufacturer of the card. Please advise.



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Is your computer going to be located in a very hot area with no A/C or ventilation?

Also if the ambient air is hot, how are you going to keep the rest of the computer cool since it will be sucking in hot air from the outside. I imagine both the CPU and GPU will probably overheat under load.

In my opinion, As long as the GPU card can maintain the temperature below the Maximum Temperature while under load it doesn't matter much the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is hot but the card still runs below Maximum Temperature it should be okay.

Found  this Tom's Hardware Review on the WX7100 GPU card. In one section it talks about the Temperature of the card at 22 degree Centigrade testing. Also mentions high temperature limit. Radeon Pro WX 7100 Clock Rates, Temperature & Noise

Best thing to do is ask AMD Support via Email Support concerning your question. They can probably advice you in what is the best environment to use the WX7100 gpu card. You can open a ticket here for your question : Email Form . This is the best way since they will probably answer you back.


The Dell Tower will be part of a medical cart (sitting on the bottom out in the open) and it will be in a controlled environment (Medical office).

This GPU will be installed a a Dell Tower so there should be enough air to keep the Tower Cool.

Okay, I understand. Email AMD Support since this is being used in a business environment. They will be able to answer you question.

In my opinion, Medical Offices are generally kept below 80 degrees F. so I see no problem with running the computer with the GPU you have installed. Unless you took the cart to an area with no A/C and the room temperature is like 90 degrees F. The card should work fine unless it used under heavy loads which might cause it to overheat due to ambient temperature being high.