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Journeyman III

Weird artifacts for RX 6900 XT but only for DX11 and lower FPS

Hey there,

I hope you are all having a great day. I am asking the question because I am out of ideas and wanted to make sure I have tried all before RMA my card.


My setup is:

XFX SWFT319 RX 6900 XT

Ryzen 5800x3D

3200 MHZ Ram

144hz Monitor

Windows 11

24.4.1 AMD Adrenalin

CPU is undervolted


So what happens is:

When I start Fire Strike in 3DMark, which uses DX11, a lot of artifacts are appearing, but only when I have lower fps like 60. When it’s up to 200 then everything looks fine. When I run the GPU test, there are black artifacts but when I run the combined test, there are black and colored artifacts as shown in the screenshots.

I also have tried games like Sekiro, Parkitect and some others. There some green and blue artifacts are appearing but it’s not as bad as in 3DMark.


The gpu test with and without fps limitation:


And the combined test looks like this:



When I am trying the DX12 test in 3DMark everything looks fine, no matter the fps. Same for games like Cyberpunk and some others.


On desktop also everything works as expected.


What I have tried so far in order to get at least a different result:

- older driver like 22.5.1 as mentioned in this Reddit post:

- disabling DXNavi in a newer version like this post says: and in the post mentioned before

- BIOS update

- fresh Windows 10 with newest driver 24.4.1

- fresh Windows 11 with newest driver 24.4.1

- disabling the undervolting of the CPU

- disabling the AMD smart access memory

- enabling the AMD chill feature and setting it to 60 and 150 like mentioned in this post as the author of this post has the same optical issues:

- lowering the RAM speed from 3200 to 3000


Nothing changed the outcome.


Maybe you guys have other ideas. It seems to be related to the frequency or fps in combination with DX11 but I really don’t know the source of this issue or if just my card is faulty.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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