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Graphics Cards

Adept I

Very low gpu and cpu usage

I have an rx6800 with an ryzen 5 3600 with 750w power supply.

im getting less than 10% cpu usage and gpus usage is pretty low too.

i am under performing even on 1080p.

2 Replies

Hi, in what conditions? Can you tell us a bit more?

There are situations when the game or app will be more CPU intensive, other will be GPU.

For example: On Heaven bench I'm getting 10-20% CPU load and 98% GPU, on a PS ported game I won't get much higher than 50% on GPU because of locked fps and lastly, Davinci Resolve will handle CPU/GPU load quite well and push both up high.

The Englishman

cpu usage is always below 10% when i look at metrics in amd adrenaline 

performance is so bad that my 1650 runs better in esports titles,

in shadow of tomb raider, 99% gpu usage but less than 10% cpu usage and only getting 90-100 fps on 1080p max settings, also sometimes when opening up game it goes black and just crashes.

also sometimes amd adrenaline says your wattman settings have been set to default after unexpected failure or something like that.