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Journeyman III

Very high idle temps on 144hz vs 60hz on windows

I normally use 144hz and I noticed that my idle temps were always much higher than other peoples' at around 53c so I tried changing it to 60hz on windows and I got much better temps of 28-33c idle. I know that 144hz uses more power than 60hz obviously, but should it really be a 20+c idle difference. Is there any way I can use 144hz or close to it while still getting reasonable idle temps?

I have this rx 570

EDIT: After setting it to 120hz, I noticed that I get the same temps as 60hz. I think it must just be a glitch or bug that causes 144hz to have high idle temps.

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It's an issue with the monitor manufacturers using non-VESA standard timings on the monitors  to achieve the higher refresh rates within the bandwidth of some of the older HDMI cable standards.

This reduces the time between each frame being sent by the graphics card by a huge amount.

Consequently the GPU can no longer idle the memory resulting in more power draw and more heat even though the GPU isn't under any load.