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Adept I

6900xt crashing on driver install

I just got my 6900xt Secondhand. It was Brand new, but it consistently crashes before the driver finishes installation. I always use DDU in Safe Mode to delete the old drivers and have tried several versions of the drivers, but none seem to work for me. System 5800x, 16gb ddr4, x570 motherboard, 850w Seasonic psu, 1440p ultra wide 144hz monitor, Fully updated Windows. Is my 6900xt faulty? And or would AMD honor their warranty even though I am not the original purchaser? 

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Make sure you're using 2 X PCIe power cables and that the PSU is not defective or like 10 years old. The 20.12.1 driver should work fine, even the newer one shouldn't have an issue. Second hand is ambiguous. Do you know who you bought it from or was it an eBay deal? If it's someone you know, you can get the receipt from them to initiate any RMA if need be. If it was an eBay deal, I'd return it ASAP as "item not as described" end of story, if you have it all plugged in right and it's not working. AMD nor the card manufacturer will honor a warranty second hand, it's non-transferable. Speed is of the essence!

"It worked before you broke it!"

Yup of course I used 2 pcie cables, separate ones from psu as well. Like last years 850w Seasonic, hella reliable.. I do have the receipt from him. Is that all I need? I have yet to hear from AMD as I tried to start support and haven't gotten a reply from their system yet.


Are you downloading the full driver pkg direct from amd driver page (not the auto detect/install), and have you tried install with isp/router disconnected.

Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, NM790 2TB, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro., LC27G55T..

Yes I do install the full package. Ive manually tried all currently available full pkg drivers for 6900xt on 3 different pc's. One pc was without wifi so can't be why there.


Also, those terms are straight BS. Should be illegal to pull that **bleep**. If I have to send this back to the seller just to RMA, ill raise hella stink on it and make sure they and everyone else see it because fk that kinda **bleep**.


If you have the receipt, then you're good to go with the vendor of the card or AMD if it's a reference model. Have you double checked to see if that card is fully seated up front? The tabs really need to be down in the case slots. I had trouble fitting my RX 6800 and had to bend the tabs slightly to get it to drop the last like 2mm in the front. It looked down, felt down, but it was not down all the way.

Secondly, if it's off eBay and is not working, just return it to the seller and get a brand new one, don't mess around with the used stuff. What a pain to send it in for warranty, when you'll wait forever to get a replacement. Flash memory is at a shortage so is DDR6, that's one huge reason the cards are in short supply. 

"It worked before you broke it!"

Does it crash with an Error 1603 at the stage of installing HDMI Audio Driver? Mine does, but it still installs the important part - video driver itself, so I can still do normal stuff - game, work, watch videos etc. I just ignore the crash, since it has no consequences of any importance. And yes, I've tried EVERYTHING there was on the Internet to try and fix stuff, and it still does that. WTF AMD? At lest they should make it possible to choose package elements for install under advanced options, so that I could just skip the annoying HDMI Audio Driver alltogether and keep going. 


Nope, no error. Just crashes pc during installation, and starts to boot cycle till recovery because the driver won't work properly and so it won't allow windows to start after installation. I have tried to install on a different computer without internet enabled so I'm assuming that's not the reason.

Adept I

Hi Malzmidx,

I went through exactly this problem with my MSI 6800xt. If you can and have access to a 1080p monitor or TV with hdmi try installing the drivers with it hooked up to that. Its most likely not your system as it was not my system. 

I tried installing my drivers connected to my 4K screen and it was a complete disater. Got a basic old 1080p TV with HDMI and it worked first time.

Still cant get it to work properly on my 4k screen now, but at least they are installed. Its a start and then at least to can determin if the actual graphics card has a problem.

Best of luck mate.