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Journeyman III

Triple monitor setup, one with 144/240Hz

Dear friends.

I have question related to AMD Vega 56 GPU.

I am building a new PC and I am choosing also adequate monitor for it.

So far I already have two fullHD 60Hz monitors with HDMI or DVI output. I would like to buy a third monitor with higher refresh rate (144 / 240Hz) with also fullHD resolution - for better gaming experience (higher FPS) with DP output ofc because of freesync.

My question is - will be GPU AMD Vega 56 able to display a game on one monitor with refrest rate 144 / 240Hz in 144 / 240Hz via DP and other work on other two monitors at 60Hz via HDMI or DVI simultaneously? Or will it stuck for all three 1920x1080 monitors on 60Hz during gaming even if I will play only on one monitor with 144 / 240Hz?

I hope that it is understandable. I can give further explanation of course :-)

I want only one monitor for gaming (the one with higher refresh rate) and other two for benchmarks, monitoring frequencies, temperatures and browsering, youtube, during gaming. And I also need multiple monitor setup due to CAD work. But for games I would like to have 144 / 240Hz monitor.

I read many articles but I did not find answer for this. But maybe I overlooked it.

So I am asking directly on AMD forum :-)

Thank you mates and have a nice day.

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