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Adept I

Switched to the 6750xt

Help! I've switched from Nivida to an AMD GPU and now I'm having stuttering. I used DDU and uninstalled the drivers from my 3060 and installed the new drivers to the 6750 xt. I did a fresh install of widows 11. I put my 3060 back in thinking it was the Rx 6750XT and reinstalled the drivers and still having the same problem. I've done everything to try and fix this problem by reading forums and watching youtube videos and I can't solve it. The games I have stutter on are BFV, Battlefield 2042, Ready or Not and a couple others. I don't have any stutter on older games such as Battlefield 4 and Dying light.
Please help!
My specs-
CPU-Intel i7 11700kf
GPU- Rx 6750 XT
RAM- 16gb of Corsaire Ven LPX 3600mhz
PSU-SFX 650 watt
SSD-Western Digital SN550 1TB
Motherboard- asrock z590 c-ac
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Journeyman III

I also having the same problem with you on 6750xt. I'm having stuttering on high graphic game with high setting. Are you using the same GPU model with me?

My specs is

CPU i-7 12700f

GPU gigabyte 6750xt oc

ram  kingston16gb bus 3200

PSU 750 watt 

Motherboard gigabyte z690 gaming x ddr4

SSD Western Digital SN550 1TB

I have recently switched from a Sapphire RX5700XT to an AMD RX6750XT and seen the same as well. I have been fighting stability issues too much to really pour an energy into the stutter atm. My 6750 will not run on default fan curve (it gets too hot).

Heat can also cause stutter so with a few more days of gaming, I can make a more fair assessment (as I had just fixed my heat issues in last 12hrs or so).

CPU-AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
GPU-AMD RX6750XT (22.5.2)
Mobo-X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming (F62d)
PSU-Corsair RM850W

was it the heat on the GPU causing the problem?



If heat was the problem, tuning the fan speed will fix it? Or do I have to upgrade fan case and cooling system?


I got the stability sorted out with the fan speed. I generally play Lost Ark about 1.5hrs to get my dailies in. I was running an RX5700XT with the 22.3.1s back then with no stutter. I do notice quite a bit of stutter on the RX6750XT with the 22.5.2s though.


yes! if you figure away around it let me know!

Journeyman III

Just switched from a 1060 to the 6750xt and having the same issues. Same resolutions tried, safe mode DDU,  fresh windows boot and still the same. 

Journeyman III

Bump. I just bought a whole new computer including a RX 6750 XT and am still getting stuttering. Tried turning off and on things like freesync, vsync, Radeon Enhanced Sync, etc. but am still getting stuttering. Has anyone figured out a fix?

Journeyman III

What helped me personally to get rid of stuttering was disabling ULPS in MSI Afterburner.

Hope it will help you too.



After more tests, it's clear that, unfortunately, not all ugly stuttering was resolved, but some of it was for sure. I guess pending for new driver updates.


It is normal for windows 11 to cause problems, try windows 10 and see if you still have this problem, i recently build a PC and of course i upgraded to windows 11, problems started immediately, then format C, fresh install windows 10, all problems disappeared! Voila!