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Journeyman III

Still crashing issues with 7800XT after 3 months (WHEA error)

I am out of options as I tried everything I have read on every forums.

The best thing that did keep me up the longest is changing the fan curve to keep the hotspot temps at ~65C.

But as many mentioned, the very first game I play in the day usually ends up in crashing after doing nothing.

The same system was stable with a 1080Ti before (5950X CPU, 64GB RAM, Aorus Master X570 MB).

And I discovered more and more threads about the 6000s series and some 5000s series having the same issues.

I've ruled out that it can't be a hardware bug over that many generations and brands (I'm using the AMD reference GPU myself), and I can't believe the drivers are STILL the problem after sooooo many iterations.  So I have started to think OUTSIDE the box and I am starting to really consider that an issue between DirectX and the Radeon's driver might be the problem. Remember when Microsoft changed its Windows scheduler for the new Intel big-little architecture and how it suddenly affected Ryzen's cpu performance? Well, the problem might be lying on that side of the fence for our GPU crashing problem.

The sad part is, I am really considering going back to the Green Team if AMD can't step up and address the problem.

I left ATI/AMD over ten years ago because of drivers that were crashing and messing with files on disk, corrupting and forcing a re-install of the OS.

Things don't look good AMD.

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