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Second crossfire GPU 0 degrees C 0% usage

Hello AMD forums,

Recently I decided to upgrade my two GTX 670s to a pair of RX 580 that I bought used, as it was time for an upgrade. The first gpu I received worked perfectly fine. I installed the drivers and it was working perfectly. The second GPU, however, is a different story. I didn't realize when I installed it (as this wasn't the card I plugged my monitor into),but it was not functioning at all. When I attempted to crossfire with it, I would get low usage (6% ish) and idle temps (32 C).  After tinkering a bit, the gpu started reporting 0 percent usage and 0 degrees C in MSI afterburner. I figured this was a bug so I then opened openhardwaremanager and it also was showing the same results. More so, it was failing to report the voltages of the card. Funny enough, device manager was reporting the card as working properly, and so was the AMD settings.

I then removed my working card, put the second card in place of that one and plugged my monitor in. Nothing.

Obviously this means something is wrong with the card and I am already talking to the seller about the issue. I have bought many used gpus on Ebay with no issues (I have a LAN setup and I frequently install used gpus for them.) Of course that doesn't mean I won't get a bad one, but I know some people may think my mistake was buying used, which is probably the truth.

I'm just wondering, in the event I am stuck with it, what exactly might have gone wrong. It's possible that the die is just screwed and there's nothing to do, but most hardware failures (but not all) I've experienced don't register in the device manager as functioning. I'm wondering if it may be a corrupt gpu bios, etc.

I'd love to know your thoughts. Anything I can learn is always helpful.

Thanks for your help!


My system:

Intel i7-4770

Sabertooth Mark 2 z97

32 GB DDR3 1600

(2) ASUS Dual RX580 8GB

EVGA 850 Watt PSU


I actually got the system to run with the defective card as the main gpu, both in crossfire and by itself. I've discovered that the zero degrees celcius, 0 percent usage always appears for the second card, regardless of what it is. I would say it would be a driver bug, but I've reinstalled multiple times. Its an interesting issue.

Here's the interesting thing, though. The defective GPU appears in GPUZ as a Powercolor RX580, not an ASUS, and it also shows a different clock speed than the working one. Also, the defective GPU only supports one monitor, regardless of whatever port I use. If I plug a second monitor in, it will either not recognize it, or say "it's there" but not display an image on that monitor. Also, plugging in a second monitor causes on and off freezing.

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If you bought it used then it could have been voltmodded and run 24/7 as a cryptocurrency miner, and even if it wasn't the fact that GPU-Z identifies it as a different card means that it was likely flashed with a BIOS not meant for that card. I would suggest obtaining a verified BIOS from ASUS.

Yeah I figured it had been mined on. I actually reflashed the bios and now its reporting correctly now!

Unfortunately my crossfire is still not working, even though it is checked in the AMD settings and ULPS is completely disabled.

The crossfire issue seems to not be card related. Both cards work fine by themselves, and both pcie slots worked. However, the card that doesnt have the monitors plugged into it will not work in crossfire, even with a profile set. The second card also is drawing much less power at idle (7 W as compared to 50) and the memory clock is running lower (300 as compared to 2000).

I've checked my motherboard's PCIE settings and I can't find any reason why it shouldn't be working. My board is crossfire enabled (or thus the option wouldn't show up in the AMD settings.) SLI worked with my old cards, so I doubt its power draw. I've reinstalled the drivers, enabled different crossfire profiles, etc.

I'll try to contact AMD about it over the phone sometime this week.

If anyone has had a crossfire experience like this, lemme know how you fixed it : )

I'll see what I can do about it on my own. I've been searching tons of forums for the answer



I got crossfire working. It was actually my bad on that one. Apparently a few of the games I was testing I could not crossfire, even when forcing it. I did have some issues with my benchmark programs not utilizing it like it should, even when using 1x1 crossfire mode (like with superposition.) I'll keep it monitored, but I think it should be fine for now.

Thanks for all the help!