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Journeyman III

Sapphire RX 6800XT Nitro+ SE driver crashes causing computer crash

Hello, new here, having an issue with my GPU I was hoping to get some advice on. Bought the GPU used Feb 4th from Ebay. Tested the card upon receiving it and found it to work perfect. It has continued to work perfect until a week ago. The computer started crashing when playing or trying to load a game. Sometime an hour in, sometime immediately. I DDU all the drivers and reinstalled Adrenalin 23.8.2 (older driver) I updated my MOBO bios as well. I tried to load into CS2 and the computer immediately crashed. I updated again to the newest Adrenalin 23.10.2 drivers. after roughly an hour of Warhammer 40K Darktide, the computer crashed and shut down again. This message in event viewer upon restart. 

GPU error.jpg

I have recently sent Sapphire a message but i do not have a warranty on the card. Looking for possible suggestions, I will attach any other info needed. I didn't want to start off with a wall of text. Thank you!


System specs as requested from Sapphire.

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