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Journeyman III

Sapphire Radeon HD6790 fails to work in new MB.

GPU:  Sapphire Radeon HD6790 - 1G - GDDR5 - PCI-e

CPU:  Intel Core i7 9000 series/8th gen.

MB:    MSI Z390 - Gaming Plus-intelZ390 chipset

MEM:  Corsair - DDR4 - 2666 - 32gb

MONITOR:  ViewSonic 24” Digital/DVI

NO SIGNAL on display!  I can hear everything else running but absolutely no signal!   Swapped out cable to new and ditto. I can use the motherboard integrated DVI, but not the Radeon!

I placed the card in my older computer and it works beautifully on the same monitor?

i have to believe that maybe it’s the timing required for  the DDR4 is not valid for the GDDR5?  Am I following the wrong path here?

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Maybe the GPU doesn't have UEFI support and this will cause the problem. Use the motherboard's HDMI output and start the computer. Then see Windows Device Manager. You will probably see the GPU in Device Manager. Maybe a setting in the motherboard BIOS corrects the situation. Try switching CMS on boot settings in BIOS.