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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5700g - video playback driving me nuts and some occasional freezes

Hi there people. I have a system based on Ryzen 5700g for about 10 months, and this issue is driving me nuts.

The games work absolutely fine, never had an issue or a freeze, no temperature problems, no nothing.

Now, video playback and general 'performance'. From time to time, video playback tends to slow and plays with some kind of lagging. If i restart the computer, sometimes works ok and sometimes keeps lagging.

I noticed the issue is/was more present depending on the release of the driver. 

Then, the freezes.

For no reason at all, from to time, it freezes browsing in youtube or in Spotify (**bleep**). I've reinstalled drivers dozens of time, have everything updated. And since some weeks ago, I get a blue screen, but it's not the typical blue screen with some random hardware error code, it's a windowed blue screen which pops up and closes at the very second. It's more than obvious that any kind of blue screen it's something scaring and makes you think 'oops buy new hardware' but it doesn't seem to be something like that. It's like a Powershell pop-up kind of window.

I've tried everything, same result. Only thing left to try is to install Windows 11.

Also, I've tried the generic graphic driver from Windows, and it's worse. 

The thing is, the last couple of months it was all ok and today i''ve updated the graphic driver to the new August 21st release and the playback issue came back.

If someone has or had the same issue please get in touch. Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

thanks in advance

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