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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

RX7800XT black screen on booting

TUF X570-PRO WiFi II - AMD Ryzan 5600X - Corsair 32GB 2133 Mhz

Sapphire 4 GB RX580  (old)

PowerColor 16 GB RX7800XT (new)


With my old RX580 everything works fine.

The pc is booting and i see the boot informations for entering the bios and the pc starts with windows 11 correctly

The new graphics card arrived.

So i deinstalled with DDU all graphics drivers in the windows save mode

I removed the old graphics card and installed the new card.

I plug in either DP or HDMI or both and when the computer boots i don't see the TUF Board logo screen to hit the Bios key. it goes straight in to windows. once windows loads the GPU works fine.

I reboot the computer hit the Key for the Bios. i can tell the computer goes to the bios screen because of the beep, however no picture. If i reboot again it goes to Windows with no problems.

In Windows everthing works fine, but if i reboot the pc, i see no bios promt and othe booting sequences.

I also can not boot up in low vga mode or in save mode. No picture

If i remove the new card, and reinstall my old rx580, everthing works fine and correct again.


Have the rx7800xt an internal error, or do i something wrong?

Or need the new card some internal firmware update?


Please help me, otherwise i need to send back the new card


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Journeyman III

Nobody an idea?