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Adept I

rx6600xt crashing

Before RMTing this card I thought I'd give it one last shot here.

I built a brand new system (win10) with:

ASUS B550 mobo

Corsair 32gb RT ddr 

Ryzen 5600x

ASUS 6600xt

Antec 650w PSU


So here is the issue:  Every game I tried (on Steam) crashes within 5 minutes.  I get either a driver timeout error and crash to desktop or a green screen crash with PC reboot.  I tried every single driver both with software and driver only and all of them cleanly installed.  No difference.  I can reproduce the crash without fail instantly by changing certain settings in games.  For example, switching vsync off in a gpu intensive game.  Switching to a high resolution like 4k.  Both those result in an instant crash.  I can delay the crashing by lowering settings way down.  In other words, the harder I try to push the GPU, the faster it crashes. (there is a caveat to that, which I will mention in a moment).


THINGS I KNOW:  In the event viewer, every crash was preceded with the DWM restarting, so obviously something is causing that to fail, that leads to a crash.  It only happens in games, not when idling or browsing.  I could not reproduce the crash in only one game, which as it turns out is CPU bound.  I did isolated stress tests of the CPU, GPU and memory and all them combined, works flawlessly.  Moreover I slotted the card in a completely different system (also win10) and the exact same thing happens, so it is highly unlikely that it is a system error outside of the gpu and/or drivers.  It is also not an overheating problem on any component.

THINGS I TRIED:  Flashed BIOS, re-installed windows, tried a range of games.  Also, I installed Linux on a completely different drive, tried three games on Steam, all of them crash, hence it is not a DX11 or Win10 issue per se.  Slotted an older card into the new system, works flawlessly.

GUESSES:  I should note that the GPU stress test completely pushes the GPU and hence the VOLTAGE <----, and this is where I have a clue.  When monitoring in game with the overlay I notice the voltage and mhz spiking wildly.  It would sometimes go as low as 50mhz and right back to 2000+ the next second, only to go back down to sub 100 the next second.  In a different game where the GPU gets used much harder everything works fine, until I stop moving with a semi static image in front of me;  the GPU then does the "throttling" and crashes soon after.  It would appear that the "throttling" is extremely aggressive and that something cannot keep up.  I should also note that I tried two different PSUs.  No difference.   I tried locking the GPU speed but the setting in the software appears to not do anything as I am unable in any way to stop the card from throttling down.  The only other thing I can think of is that there is perhaps a flaw in one of the VRAM modules because as I said, I cannot reproduce the error in a CPU bound game that uses less than 2Gb. VRAM.  The minimum I saw in every other game was just over 4Gb.

THINGS I KINDA TRIED:  I messed about with a bunch of BIOS settings and tried everything I could find on the web, like:  the TdrDelay setting in the registry, the power plan to performance, and on and on.


I have been a loyal AMD customer for 20 years now but this is driving me insane and I am seriously considering going team green.  If anyone has any ideas I would much appreciate it.

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