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Journeyman III

RX580 crashes with any non default settings.

Hi all.

I've ran this card undervolted for a few years but a few days ago games started crashing. Now, the system black screens a few seconds after applying any non standard clock or voltage.

Default clocks for this card are 1366 MHz @ 1150mV

Any change to that crashes the system requiring a hard reset. Even just 1MHz oc - crash, 1MHz underclock - crash. 1mV undvolt - crash.


Do you think the bios is corrupted? Or however it seems to store profile data breaks it.  It seems to run fine, plays games for hours until settings are changed.

Driver version was 23.9.2, I tried reinstalling 23.9.1 and have since reinstalled windows and it still crashes.


Any help is appreciated.

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