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Journeyman III

RX580 8G OC stuck at 20fps

Running a AMD Ryzen 7 and 32 Gigs of ram (4 16G sticks), with a RX 580 8G OC, gaming motherboard, 1000W power supply, liquid cooled, and I cannot get more than 20 fps no matter what I do. I have updated ALL drivers, I have defaulted everything from the bios and I have over clocked it and NOTHING WORKS! Is this GPU just to old or what?? 20 FPS?!?!? I bought it back when gpu’s were…..unfairly priced during the chip shortage. I am about to give it the boot and just drop 1k on the best thing I can find for that price. 

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What does that mean "I cannot get more than 20fps no matter what I do" 

Does that mean in every game with every possible graphic setting from highest to lowest you're stuck around  20fps?

Which gaming motherboard?

Take a look at my sig below. I'll admit some of these new games I could make crawl at 20fps if I went to Ultra settings but I'm typically locked at 60 vsynced when using High at a minimum.

ASUS TUF X570 wifi, AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, ASRock 6700XT Challenger, Antec Truepower new 700w. 32GB
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20 FPS in what game? also check your multicore enabled. 

The adrenaline catalyst drivers or some other application may have an FPS cap enabled. Ensure you do not have screencapture or VIDEO PLAYER software installed as those tend to work with 24FPS.. consider reinstalling windows. Also do not overclock. you might be using the onboard GPU in the CPU without configuring it or you have the POWER WRONG. there IS NO ECO MODE it steps voltage up or down as needed already and fan speed changes.. boost clock base clock.. using eco mode BEYOND that means NOT ENOUGH and is RETARDED.

Theres a target or CAP FPS slider in global graphics in adrenaline driver but some games or apps like FORZA HORIZON 5 LOVE to reset themselves to 20FPS each launch. you need edit graphics options to set them back to 120 and disable vsync and maybe launch the game and IN GAME select VARIABLE FPS as its sometimes not an option till the game runs in freesync for a bit or unless you START from 120hz/fps cap. 

Try typing in a config file words like FPSunlimited or FPSTARGET999999

BE CERTAIN you have correct colorspace and HDMI cable and BANDWIDTH and format or output.. If its 10bit color and your display isnt 10bit its a problem or 12bit full RGB 444 and your display cant and is fake only YCBCR 420 then yeah that'll do it. But also check the DISPLAY ADAPTOR and the refresh rates set there in windows display settings.

Ryzen balanced power plan. DO NOT OVERCLOCK just leave it all to the PBO or similar.

AMDHARDWARE.rar ~ pixeldrain

heres my custom config file stuffs