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Adept I

Rx 5700 xt Sapphire pulse temp


hi, im sajjad. recently i join to family of amd and i buy rx 5700xt sapphire 2 fan stock in store. really i want to use it for 3 years.

but in some test and game i have worried about temp of video card. please tell me about this temps, is that normal or....??

in furmark test 8x msaa 1080p fullsc...  at  5 minute

temp: 83 max

temp of hotspot: 95


in hogwarts game 

temp: 88 or 86

hotspot: 99


in resident evil 4 remake

temp: 85 or 86

hotspot: 97


in last of us remake

temp: 87 or 86

hotspot: 98


please tell me to my temp because i want to use for 3 years and temp is very important for me... and I don't want make problem for other.. means mainbord cpu and...

is it ok??? or no i have to change card???

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Adept II

What case do you have? Case fan configuration? Room temp?


room temp is normal,i have 2 big fan in case and i have green g1. it has good airfloo