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Journeyman III

RX570 No Signal on DP HDMI when Using AMD Adrenalin, only VGA works.

I have submitted a bug report for this and know many users are having the same problem.  Just venting my frustration on a product that has not worked from day 1.  In my opion AMD should be recalling these GPU and providing a money back option or an exchange for another model if any that work correctly,  as these are not fit for purpose.

Since Buying a RX570 8GB GPU back in September,  I have found the AMD Drivers useless what ever version i try using,  as soon as i install the driver pack, optional or standard,  the Display Port and HDMI port shutdown with No signal Only the VGA remains on,  then every 5 secs they power back up show me my desktop then power off (looping) moving my desktop between DP and VGA.  only way to get a stable screen is to Switch off the monitor connected to DP and HDMI ports,  This then stabilises on the VGA screen.

Unfortunately 1 Screen is not good enough for my use,  therefore i have to remove the AMD drivers and software,  and fall back to the standard driver delivered via Windows Updates,  which happens to also be from AMD. shown as the following in device manager

Display Adaptor

Radeon RX570 Serise

Driver Provider : Advanced Micro Devices Inc

Driver Date 04/12/2019

Driver Version 26.20.15002.61



However this is a basic driver and not configurable.

How come AMD can provide this driver to Microsoft through windows Update but cannot get it to work in the own driver packages.


Driver i tried in September was 20.9.1,  the latest driver i have tried is 20.12.1  exactly the same issue with both,  so 3 months down the line still no solution



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