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Journeyman III

RX570 intermittent freezing

Hello, I have been having problems with my RX570 since I received it this Christmas. Infrequently (once every five minutes or so) while I am watching YouTube videos or playing certain games (listed below), my screen will freeze for 5-15 seconds, while the audio still plays. I have found that shaking the mouse helps return the screen to normal faster than if I let it go back to normal manually. The games I have played that have the freezing are Dark Souls 3, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and Sea of Thieves. Games not affected by this bug (as of yet) are Mordhau, and Rainbow Six Siege, among others I cannot remember.

I have updated to the latest drivers, rolled back from said drivers, and changed monitors, yet the issue persists. Any help would be appreciated. I can provide more information if necessary.

MOBO: ASRock FM2A88M Pro3+
CPU: AMD Athlon X4 860K
8GB of RAM
GPU: Radeon RX570

Thank you.

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