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Adept II

RX 7900 XTX GPU Crashes [Blackscreen, Bluescreen, driver-timeout] FSR / RSR / R-Boost / Tuning

I've got myself the Asrock Phantom Gaming RX 7900 XTX OC Graphics Card from AMD.


Out of the box, I plugged it in my rig (with 3x8Pin power connectors):

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 13700kf (cooled by Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360)
  • Mainboard: Gigabyte Z790 Gaming X AX
  • GPU: Asrock Phantom Gaming RX 7900 XTX OC
  • Storage: 1x Samsung 980 PRO 2TB + 1x Lexar NM620 2TB
  • Power Supply: MSI MPG A 750 W

As you can see, specs wise it's latest generation hardware with more than enough power.


The following issues are happening:

After properly installing the latest Adrenalin Drivers  (23.9.3) and installing the Apps: Starfield, 3D Mark Time Spy, Counter Strike 2

I received barely any errors.

After some hours, I got a BLUE SCREEN with then error resulting into Drivers timed out.
I did some research and deactivated "Hardware acceleration in Discord and my Opera GX Browser (which I always have open with 5-50 Tabs)
I also disabled the MPO Regestry Entry.
- That seemed to fix it for now..

I then went ahead to "boost my gaming experience" by enabling some driver features like:

  • Radeon Super Resolution
  • FSR (in game)
  • Radeon Boost
  • Radeon Anti-Lag
  • Radeon Chill

When I start Starfield with RSR / FSR, it keeps crashing the game and then a BLACK SCREEN appears. (I play on 1440p)
When I apply RSR / FSR in other games, like CS2 it barely crashes, however results in 50-75% less FPS and Quality like I had on my 10 year old laptop.
My solution for now is that I don't enable anything except Anti-Lag which seems to be "working" most of the time.

And my last problem is in relation with TUNING:
No matter what i tune eventually my gpu will crash into Blackscreen/Bluescreen/drivers timeout.
For Example: I changed Volts from 1150mV to 1125mV and i opened steam -> got a blackscreen
And it happens even more often, if i have "Fast timing" enabled in vram

Even the "example tunings" for like Power-Saving, or Overclock always result into blackscreen/bluescreen/drivers timeout, sometimes quick, sometimes after 1-2hrs.

My avg temp in idle is around 40° and on load 60-72°
My max power draw i saw was 474W (on powerlimit +15%)

Anyone can related / know what could be the problem that i can barely adjust anything on this card?
I mean it's a 1100€ Card, who would expect that i can not change anything except screen resolution and image quality in-game?

2 Replies

1. Not sure if I found your exact psu model, but that appears to be multirail PSU. Makes sure you distribute the power evenly as possible across the rails. A single rail will have much less capacity than the 750w.

2. That gpu is one of the lowest cost 7900 xtx cards, and the silicon lottery might not have been lucky. I would suggest getting it stable at stock before attempting any OC undervolt.

3. I agree. I have disabled MPO on amd and nvidia for a long time.

I only use radeon chill, and I use it as a frame rate limiter so i set it at 117 / 117 for my 120hz freesync monitor. In my experience, all those special options usually have a bug or two in some games, and speaking from amd and nvidia experience.