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Journeyman III

RX 6800 suddenly refuses to run two displays simultaneously

A few months ago I completed my PC upgrade and everything worked fine up until recently. I was gaming about a week ago and suddenly my main monitor lost signal and only the second monitor would display anything. Now, my RX 6800 refuses to send a signal to both monitors at once. When I unplug the second monitor, the main one connects, and vice versa.


I have tried upgrading drivers, downgrading drivers, reinstalling drivers, OS updates, restarting in every conceivable cable combination, swapping the cables, reseating the GPU, and lowering refresh rates. Nothing has fixed the issue so far. Both monitors still work perfectly fine on their own but my GPU refuses to drive them both simultaneously. I'm really at a loss regarding how to fix this issue. Any ideas would be appreciated. Do I have to RMA the card at this point?



Lenovo G27-q20 :: 1440p @ 165hz via DP (horizontal)

Asus MG248QR :: 1080p @ 60hz via DP (vertical)



AMD RX 6800 Reference


Current driver version:




Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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