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Journeyman III

Computer posting/restarting mid game (6900xt, 5950x)

I have kind of already tried this discussion, but my rig is still experiencing failures/shutdowns mid gaming. This will happen with most graphic intensive games like Call of duty: Cold war, Apex legends and now i'm also experiencing shutdowns with Kena: Bridge of spirits. The only game i have been playing the past few months has been Smite Battleground of the Gods with little to no problems ie the odd lag spike here and there. But i went to play Call of duty with a friend the other day and Experienced a shutdown again and multiple game crashes. I played Kena: Bridge of spirits for 30 minutes the other day and also experienced a full system shutdown. if there is any info you guys need from me please let me know. It's getting really frustrating not being able to use my computer to its fullest potential. The games run and look absolutely amazing whilst playing and the pc will give me no tell to the restart.


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