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Journeyman III

RX 6600 coil whine or making buzzing noise when Radeon overlay is active

does this problem happen to all rx 6600 users? Coil whine chronology occurs due to activating the radeon overlay in the game, and when the overlay is turned off, the whine coil is not heard again. Is this normal? or maybe because of the bad psu, I'm using a 400 watt 1stplayer dk 4.0 psu.

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Journeyman III

Maybe ur power supply at least not enough for the spec 


Coil whine directly corellated to FPS and power consumption. 
Probably overlay makes FPS to go on some border that causes coil whine. 

By itself, coil whine is quite innocent though. More like side effect of type of inductors being chosen for GPU layout, and them not being completely fixed in place (some people that mod their own GPU's cover them in epoxy for less resonance). Inductor is basically piece of spiraled wire in the box. 

PSU, input filtering on GPU PCB, and combinations of specific FPS and power targets can cause higher or lower coil whine both in loudness and frequency.


As mentioned Coil Whine is due to High Wattage Hardware like GPUs, VRMs, PSUs etc.

First you do have a under powered PSU at 400 watts. AMD recommends minimum PSU wattage is 450 watt PSU but other GPU manufacturers recommends a higher wattage PSU then 450.  But if the only issue you have is the Coil whine than I wouldn't worry about it unless you start having crashes or BSODs or errors while under heavy loads on the GPU card.

I have read from other Users where AMD Driver have caused Coil Whine in their 6000 series GPU cards. There is not much you can do to fix Coil Whine. The higher the power used by the GPU the higher the coil whine will be.

Input Coil Whine in the Search Box and you will see several 5000 and 6000 series threads concerning the subject.

You can open a Support ticket with the manufacturer of the GPU and see if they believe you need to RMA your GPU card to be tested if the Coil Whine is bad or loud enough.

Or simply install a previous AMD Driver that doesn't cause the issue.