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Adept I

rx 580 inconsistent black screen


booting my pc is a gamble, basically. after pressing the power button, it boots normally into the windows login, so far so good.
at this point i have to hope for it to survive the first few minutes of running, because there is always a chance it freezes for some seconds, goes to a black screen and i have to shut it down manually.

windows event viewer often times shows errors with the amd driver processes and stuff like windowsblackscreendiagnostics v1. today the problem report in the control panel showed "A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly."


however, all of this doesnt make any sense, because if i win that boot gamble, my pc is free to do whatever and i can play games, watch videos or browse the web without a problem. it doesnt cause any problems under load either.

i have tried:
fresh windows 
different driver versions
re-seating gpu

did anyone else ever have this kind of problem before?

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Journeyman III

This has happened to me recently. I purchased the RX 580 and I just built my first pc, after downloading all of windows updates I try to download an install the drivers, when installing my monitor turn black and it restarts automatically, after that windows tells me that there was an error when try to start windows, and that I have to go to a "restore point" in order for it to work... I'm pretty sure it's the driver's fault, because only when I try installing them it this happens. I wish you the best of luck!