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Adept II

Running The Last Of Us On Your Systems AMD's GPU'S. (LATEST)

 I am just updating this game The Last Of Us as it is known alot of user's are having issues running this game,and I have it, runs fine on high settings using FSR2 settings. Getting 90-113 and the lows 65-70 at most in tense situations, all on 1080p (as i only have Asus TUF VQ24 monitor) here are my system specs (just built a new system).

As you all maybe aware there are now 2 Patch fix for this game  from steam on the games page.  

CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x
GPU:XFX Radeon 6700 10GB
Ram: Kingston Beast Fury 16GB @3600 MHZ
NVME: W.D. SN770 1TB
PSU: Coolmaster Gold WME 650Watt Modular
O.S. Win 11 Pro

That's after tweaking the GPU with sweet spot under-volt and overclocking settings. I must warn you all for all those on 8GB VRAM mine was well over that figure and in the Overlay stats it was 8.2 GB vram. I would advise you to stick to medium settings if want to run it smoothly for now until there is a fix from the software venders.

Make sure you download the lasted GPU DRIVERS as they come with fix's for this game.

Also I make it crystal clear make sure you REMOVE YOUR OLD OR PREVIOUS GPU DRIVERS FROM YOUR SYSTEM PROPERLY! Either you use Nivida's and AMD's Removal TOOLKITS for driver uninstall software,as it will remove any old files in the windows Registry. You can also use DDU( I don't recommend it if you don't know what you are doing with it).Make sure you use windows safe mode(AMD toolkit does this automatically)

Also like to point out if you are using WD Nvme SSD like the one above I use SN770 and download their SSD Application software, it has a " GAME MODE SETTING" Click on this (reboot PC needed) It will load the game up in seconds and not 5-10 mins.

Because of this GAME setting if you install the game 1st time it might LOAD THE GAMES SHADER'S more quickly when you 1st boot up the game and not 40 mins and 2 hours that users have experienced.

Despite what user's have said and having a load of issues running it, I have had no issues with it but that's after a fair bit of research and tweaking the settings.Hope this helps

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Good Video on VRAM

8G VS 16G 

And Hardware Unboxed have made it pretty clear. Stay away from 8GB VRAM CARDS  If in you intend to replace your GPU with a new one STICK TO 10,12.16 OR 24 GB VRAM GPU cards.