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Journeyman III

RTX 6700 Black Screen


My RTX Graphics will cut screen to black, while computer continues to run.  It does this even if nothing is running.  I have to restart it to get it to come back.  I've already disabled hardware acceleration on all programs.  If i leave it unplugged for a while, i can get a decent amount of time to work on it, but once it happens, if i restart it, it will cut to black within minutes.

It did this when i first got the computer, but i fixed it when i uninstalled all the AMD drivers and used the driver from windows installer, but it has started up again this November (just one year after purchasing the computer).  I've tried installing an older driver from the AMD site with factory resetting it, but that has not helped. 

As i have a limited amount of time to work on the computer before it crashes, what information do you need to help, and in what order should i try things?

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Journeyman III

Ohh yes, recently (a week ago, when it stopped being a singular isolated event), the computer did it right after going to sleep.  Sleep mode was disabled on the computer when i restarted it.  Sleep mode was reenabled upon installing a new driver.  The sleep mode thing happened before it became a reoccuring issue.  The graphics card also failed to run any program at an acceptable frame rate until i did the driver thing


*RX 6700 (RTX is Nvidia naming)

You need to list all your bits and pieces (PC specs) including make/model of your power supply .. what BIOS version you are running on whatever motherboard you are using .. RAM .. how many sticks .. what slots are they running in .. are you running separate power cables from your power supply to each power input on your RX 6700?

The more info you give on your setup and trouble shooting steps you have taken will better help the community to better help you

You can try running the program DDU to remove all things AMD .. reboot .. and THEN install latest drivers from

Make sure your chipset driver are up to date ..go to or for updated drivers depending on what you are running

Make sure your Windows install is up to date

ThreeDee PC specs