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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Refresh rate resets from 144hz to 60hz after changing resolution.

1. question : title

Graphics card

rx 480

monitor: xl2411p

I always have to also change my refresh rate back to 144hz after changing my resolution. I change my resolution before playing games like cs go or fortnite to be able to play stretched. Thats why I also think amd crimson is worse than the older panel because u have to change the desktop resolution to be able to play stretched ingame...

2. question

My second monitor has a delay while I have my first monitor on 144hz. If I set my first monitor to 60 hz, everything on the second one is ok.

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Journeyman III

Mine does this too but I don't change resolution often, actually my issue is that I have a 165hz monitor but after switching to an AMD GPU it only lets me use 144hz I wonder if it's because it's a G-sync monitor


I would make a semi-educated WAG that your GPU and monitor aren't getting along because of the G-Sync. Of course, NGREEDIA makes the monitor manufacturers PAY for the G-sync tech while AMD's is open source. One more reason to hate those guys over there, I guess.

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