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Journeyman III

Radeon RX 5500 XT in remote with monitor switched off

I have an Asus TUF X570 with a Radeon RX 5500 XT.(Gygabite).

I want to conect to my computer from remote desktop.

If I connect from remote, and my monitor is switched off, there are some screens wich will not be "processed" from the graphic card, and thus are not actulized in my remote.

I've tried with Chrome remote and Teamviewer and without the "hardware acceleration". It is not a matter of the remote program.

It is only a problem when the monitor is switched off or the HDMI cable is unplugged.

How could I solve it?

Is there a way of making the graphic car work without a "recognised connected" monitor?


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Try anydesk, I connect to several servers without monitors with no issue at all. See if that helps. Although I have no idea if I am doing what you are trying to do remotely. 


It seems this "anydesk" is another software to connect remotely.

It should have the same issues as with tho other programms, but the problem here is with the GPU.

I'll try with some dummy (virtual) HDMI, which I should connect to the GPU and so tell it as I would be using a monitor.

Thanks anyway!

Journeyman III

Same here, however there was no such problem when I used a DVI-D (or D-SUB, for that matter) cable, so this issue is particular to HDMI connections. I don't have a DVI-D-capable monitor anymore and I haven't seen a D-SUB cable in years, so I hope this can be solved without needing to buy additional stuff.