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Journeyman III

Playing Halo reach on RX 580 GTS and gpu drops to 0%?

The gpu will randoming drop to 0% use and lags the game to the point that I can't move? The tmp is at 90 so it shouldn't be crashing from the heat. I've got a 600w psu so good there. I've played things the division 2 with no problem, only internet issues I believe. Things like rust I'll get frame lag but I feel like that's again more from internet connection the gpu. Any trouble shoots or solutions that you guys can think of?

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Manually set the fans to full so it isn't getting so hot.

Yep you will have throttling issues on that Polaris chip at anything above 75c. Set the fan curve to go to 100% at about 50c and also set your Power Limit slider to it's maximum +50, most of your issues will disapeer.  


FYI the current 2020 drivers cause some issues for a lot of polaris users. Returning to a late 2019 driver can also be very helpful.