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Journeyman III

no display

Hi i just got my first ever gpu (6750xt), i plugged it in but its just showing black scree the lights work on the gpu and the fans too so hopefully the gpu is not at fault here, I am currently using an old monitor which is connected via vga connector, I am still waiting for the vga to display port adator that I bought 2 days ago, so right now the monitor is connected directly to the motherboard, I tried playing with the bios system of my mobo but it doesnt have an option to force to use the igpu it just says auto and disabled, I am very confused right now because this is my first time in troubleshooting the pc bear with my as I am such a noob about this. if someone knows let me know


pc specs


16gb ram

650w psu

b450mx biostar

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remove your new GPU until the DP cable arrives..

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