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Journeyman III

No display output from second GPU

Hey everyone! Please forgive me as this is my first time posting here.

I have recently been experiencing an extremely laggy secondary display on my computer, being driven by an old 8400GS (1080p display, my main 1440p display is connected to my RX 570), so I decided to replace it with an extra Radeon 6670 that I had laying around.

The installation went without a hitch, I uninstalled the NVIDIA drivers and shut down the machine, installed the new GPU, and booted it back up, only to find no output on the secondary display?

I suspect this is a driver issue as I don't think the 6670 supports the latest drivers that the RX 570 uses. That said, has anybody else had issues with this in the past? Device manager detects both GPUs, but it does not seem to detect anything from the secondary display. Connecting the display to the RX570 yields an image, as does reinstalling the 8400GS.

The odd thing is, when I threw the 6670 into another machine, it works perfectly fine. I am really stumped here.

System specs:

Asus TUF board 16GB DDR4 Ryzen 7 3700X RX570 (main) Radeon HD 6670 (secondary)

TIA everyone.

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Adept II

You problly need get legecy drivers and hope that they work.   You be better off just pluging it to the rx 570 and forgetting that.

6670 is so old now it out dated.   

if you want a 1440 and 1080 setup get a better card.  I would only run that in 1080 becuase it a 570.