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Journeyman III

New to AMD

I just got my first AMD - Radeon RX 6700 XT, I have an I7-10700k, 32gb of ram, 2TB of SD, but it seems like some games aren't properly responding to the GPU. For instance Hogwarts Legacy and Battlefield 2042. HL will get to the initial warning and I can hear the music, then it just shuts down. BF2042 just black screens. I'm 95% sure I uninstalled my old Nvidia drivers and am up to date with AMD drivers. Please help!

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Volunteer Moderator

Try using DDU to remove the Nvidia drivers entirely, as well as the AMD drivers to start fresh. While I do see you said you are fairly certain you removed old drivers, the problem could easily be something saved from the old drivers conflicting with the new ones.

What driver version are you using? 22.11.2 WHQL is the recommended for that GPU, while 22.5.1 WHQL is what quite a few people here use because of stability issues. 22.5.1 WHQL used to be the recommended version. 

If that doesn't work feel free to ask what to do next.

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