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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

My pc stutters when using the browser

Every time i use the browser and move my mouse my gpu usage goes to 90% and drops back to normal causing lag.

I tried using different browsers. Diagnosting issues. Re-installing drivers. Updating everything and nothing works. Please i am desparate for help.

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Adept II

Okay, because of "no real information in start post" there will be many questions incoming...

Starting with:

What PC do you have (detailed: CPU Modell, RAM, Mainboard, Graphics card)?
Which OS (Operating System / detailled version)?
Which version of drivers (for GPU and Chipset of mainboard)  do you have installed?
Have you changed the usb port for the mouse?
Which "Energy Saving / Power Profile" do you use in the OS? Have you tried to change it?

In most current browsers there are GPU hardware acceleration options - maybe you can disable them?

And many more from others... good luck!