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Journeyman III

Monitor wont perform with freesync at 100hz

Hey guys.

I recently upgraded my rig and got this:

  • Asus ROG e-gaming x570
  • AMD 3950x
  • 32GB RAM at 3600mhz 
  • Radeon rx 5700xt nitro +

Now I thought it was gonna be awesome and it was for a time until the new update for the graphics card.

My screen (HKC NB34C) an ultrawide 34 inch monitor that runs at 100 hz seems not to be compatible with my graphics card. In the beginning i just put it on 100hz and it worked fine even with the freesynch. Since the last update it's all flickering and it even wont run some games (wow etc,...) I then proceeded to download the previous driver and now that even doesnt work anymore... I have to disable freesynch to run it at 100 hz which offcourse results in no stable fps results... This wasn't the issue before, I was running at 100 fps almost consantly...

I hope you guys can help me caus this really sucks..



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