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Adept I

5700 xt resolution

Hello all,

Just received my new 5700 xt, my displayport monitor works perfectly fine but my second screen going through hdmi 2.0 is stuck at 640x480...

have tried different cables, nothing seems to help also no i can't use displayport because that monitor doesn't support it.

any ideas ?

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You certainly are not the first having issues with multiple monitors. 

I would try and run DDU and re-install the driver if you did not already do that when installing initially. If that does not help and these monitors and cables worked fine with a previous card and all that changed is the gpu it could be a bad card or a driver issue. I don't know which. Try exchanging the card at that point would be my advice. If that doesn't help you can return the card for something else or contact support from the card maker and AMD and hope for a solution: Online Service Request | AMD 



I have indeed tried DDU already to no avail, i'm going to contact the amd support and hope for a solution or send the card back if nothing comes up.

Starting to have pink artefacts on the top right corner of my screen ingame... great

update 2 : Now having black screens at random intervals without doing anything in particular, sometimes just sitting on the desktop screen. I am returning the card.

Adept I

I have the same problem, 5700xt sapphire, set the resolution on my monitor with this program, custom resolution utility, I hope the problem is the drivers not the video card

I have a DP to HDMI cable that I use with some laptop machines. The cable is suitable for 1920x1080 and tested on a 4K panel from a laptop with DP.

So depending on your bandwidth needs a DP to HDMI cable can be procured, ,but check to be sure the type you get is enough bandwidth for your display(s)

Adept I

update 3: card is at 100% all the time just from browsing steam or having discord openned and programs crash all the time as a result. 


My advice to anyone considering this card, stay away.


try removing the card and installing it again to be sure the pins are all well connected

Journeyman III

before anything else just try another monitor hdmi. i had the same problem and it ends up my monitor hdmi the problem. some how it doesn't work anymore ... i plug the monitor in diferent pcs same problem.