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Journeyman III

Marketing idea for AMD regarding 7900-series overheating issues

Instead of hiding and coming up with excuses, or trying to explain the problem any further and for AMD to stop sinking in the swamp any deeper...
AMD should step up the game and promote that all 7900-card owners with proven overheating issues can change their cards directly to a new one, at the reseller from which they originally purchased the product. Without any RMA waiting, just leave the faulty product with accessories at the reseller - And to go home with new working unit.
With this move, AMD would turn the tides totally and win love from the community. But who am I to judge, I don't work in any marketing department, just a bystander to this whole saga.
Happy new year 2023
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AMD could offer options like: 

1) Send GPU to us and choose between refund or gets replaced with new GPU with functional cooling
2) Request for a new air cooler or waterblock - install yourself for free

AMD could offer returned GPU's cheap for people who want to watercool their GPU's. I'd get one.


Buying such expensive product, I would feel weird of having instantly "B-stock" card in hands, a card that visit factory for repair. "I purchased a new, not a fixed one".


Yes. The idea is:


- send it back for full refund
- send it back to get a new one that works and get maybe a couple of games due to issues
- if you are ok with this, we'll send you a new air or water cooler if you feel comfortable changing it yourself so you can keep running your GPU until parts arrive and maybe get some reward from this as AMD saves money too.

I'd get the watercooler and while not many would, there likely are not many who have to return their GPU.


Number of non-functional coolers is likely not super-high, so maybe sell units without coolers for people who wish to water cool or maybe co-op with someone like EKWB and... same idea.