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Journeyman III

Inconsistent Performance - Vega 64

Hello all. I have been seeing some very inconsistent performance as of late with some of my games after installing a Radeon Vega 64. I am actually noticing a downgrade in performance on some games compared to my old R9 380. I have tried undervolting and stock and my performance is slightly lower undervolted. Someone said it may be my PSU, but I have not experienced any crashes since installing the Vega 64. Below are some examples, some just for benchmarking:

Fallout 76 - Ultra, 1080, can barely break 50 fps in most instances. Scaled back to low shadow distance and medium shadows I can typically stay between 50 and 60 fps. On my R9 380 I was able to keep stable around 50 fps with all settings on high.

Division 2 - Getting 50-60 fps on ultra with my Vega 64. A lot of extreme choppiness in some areas, especially when zooming with scopes. Played Division 1 with my R9 380 on ultra with consistent 60-70 fps. Playing Division 2 with DX12. Seems to actually give slightly better performance over DX11.

Far Cry 5/New Dawn - This is pretty much 1:1 between my cards. Both play on ultra with no issue at 1080. New Dawn still performs incredibly if I use VSR. No issue here.

Battlefront 2 - Nearly unplayable on my Vega 64. Very choppy, lots of extreme stutter. Tried DX11 and 12, but 12 is literally giving me 5-10 fps. On my R9 380 I was playing on ultra, 1080 with a consistent fps of about 60. It boggles my mind that my brand new card chokes on it.

Fallout 4 - Using VSR at 1440. Heavily modded with mostly 2k textures, with some 4k tossed in, consistent fps of 80 - 100 on my Vega 64. Definitely an upgrade over my R9 380. This confuses me since I can run this no problem but FO 76 chokes.

Metro 2033 - Nearly unplayable on my Vega 64. This one gave me issues on my R9 380, but I was able to play it capped out at about 40 fps. On my Vega 64 on ultra I can barely break 20 fps in most areas.

WoW - Buttery smooth on ultra with both cards. I am getting ridiculous fps with the Vega 64 and am able to bump up things like water quality and still stay above 100 fps.

My computer is a few years old, but it is still in very good shape. I tend to try to optimize where I can because I prefer my games to look the best they possibly can. I am perfectly content with 60 fps at 1080 if I can play on ultra settings, but I am confused as to how I am actually going backwards with some games.

Here are my specs:
CPU: Intel(R) Core i7-6700K 4.00GHZ 8MB Intel Smart Cache LGA1151 (Skylake)
HDD: 500gb SSD
MEMORY: 24gb DDR4/2800MHz Dual Channel Memory
POWERSUPPLY: 600 Watts - EVGA 600B 80 PLUS BRONZE Power Supply
VIDEO: AMD Radeon Vega 64

Again, not the newest machine, but up to now it has performed quite well. Is my CPU creating a bottleneck? Should I update my BIOS? Is there something I am missing with setting up my card? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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