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Adept I

I want to purchase a Asus Vega 56 strix OC

I want to purchase a Vega 56 Asus Strix OC, but i am not sure if my PSU is enough for this card, i know that with my CPU i will have a bottleneck, i will upgrade my system in the future to Ryzen CPU. I allready have a monitor with Freesync.

My Pc Specs

CPU : I5 3570K

Ram : 16GB HyperX 2400MHZ

MOBO : Maximus V Gene

PSU : Corsair VS series 650W  ~ Link: Corsair VS 650W PSU 

Will i have PSU problems with that card? Thank you in advance

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Power wise you'll be fine, but your CPU is a bit on the slow side, being about as fast as a modern Ryzen 3400g, which isn't that fast, and Vega56 itself isn't that great of a choice anymore given the RTX 2060 is faster, quieter, and cheaper than any Vega 56 card, even reference editions.

Personally I would wait until AMD fleshes out the rest of the Ryzen 3000 series and Navi 5000 lines, which may be as soon as next month, and upgrade your entire system, and see where prices settle for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the holidays.

Thank you for your reply and the search you've done. I know that my CPU is slow for high end GPU's and totaly agreed to what you write, but for now i want to get an High-End GPU and later in about months or in a year i will upgrade my system, i am thinking about Ryzen 3600. 

I have an Freesync monitor, so i want a GPU that has the same technology, but to be honest i dont know if the difference with or without Freesync technology is that noticible! If not i have many choices to think, i dont know if it's appropriate to write them because i am on AMD forrum.


nVidia enabled Freesync months ago, so they can use Freesync monitors. Also, Vega 56 isn't high end, it's midrange.