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Journeyman III

HD 7750 black screen after boot

I made a full clear install on my pc. When I'm done, I started installing the drivers. When I have downloaded the Adrenalin software, and started installing, at 70% my screen goes black as usually. But after 2-3 sec it still was black. I rebooted my pc and after the windows boot screen it goes black again. So I put my another GPU (Nvidia geforce gt630) to the pc and it ran perfectly. I uninstalled all AMD drivers with the clean utility, and putted back the HD7750 card. I tried to install the software in safe mode, but it does not available. I also tried to install an older software, but the same problem, the black screen after boot scene, and i tried with the crimson edition too. How it is possible to run my pc with the HD 7750 card? Thanks for the answers!

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Journeyman III

Hey , did you solved your problem ? 

I also have problem with 7750 after fresh window installation 


Hey, no, i didn't. I dont know what was the problem, but if you mind, just install any linux distribution, and it will work perfectly!