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Journeyman III

Grey screen happening when i connected to DP port after installing AMD driver

I recently bought rx6800. when i just put it into motherboard and turned computer on, screen was okay on dp port. even though i couldn't change resoltion. After installing the AMD driver, my screen just turned into total grey. nothing was possible to do. it works properly when i use HDMI instead of dp. Why is it happening? IS this some kind of typical AMD driver error or something?

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Port issues can be tricky to figure out. I have seen it literally just be a corruption in the Windows registry causing the problem. When plugged into the Display Port can you see the bios part of the boot process then it goes grey when Windows begins to load? That can mean it is just a software issue. If you have no display through the boot process you may just have a port gone bad on the GPU. 

Always try the card in another PC before deciding it is bad. 


Thank you for replying. 

it properly display the screen at booting process.

when i remove radeon adrenalin and take gpu out and replug it into the same pc, it just works properly (no resolution change is possible as there is no graphic drver). If there is corruption in registery there must be total grey screen while using gpu without graphic driver. But it’s not. i think there is problem in amd adrenaline because this grey screen occur after istalling it.


If you have a spare hard drive you could install a fresh Windows installation to test with, without messing with your current installation. 


Okay, thank you for your help.

i will try it