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Adept II

5700 XT Buzzing noise when browsing and scrolling


I got my new Rx 5700 xt and i noticed that when I just drag an open window around the screen, the GPU gives of a weird buzzing or clickinig. Or if there is light usage like Youtube and Netflix where somthing moves on screen. When I play games I couldn't make out any weird noice. My GPU has a Zero-RPM-mode so I figured that it couldn't be coile whine. Bc i could hear it it even when the fans don't spin.

Any ideas?

Second in Overwatch my GPU would refuse to exceed a GPU usage above 60%. I turned Vsync off and capped the frames to 300 fps. I reached about 150-200 fps while the GPU sits at around 55% and my CPU around 30-40%. 

In Star Wars Battlefront 2 the GPU and CPU would easily reach over 90% usage.


Ryzen 5 2600 @4 Ghz

16 Gb 3000 Mhz Ram

Rx 5700 xt

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Likely an aftermarket card, like the XFX Thicc II right? 0 RPM mode, turn it off any way you can.


I have the Gigabyte Gaming OC, idk where to turn it off, but since i have MSI Afterburner installed (for monitoring only) the fans wouldn't turn off.

Journeyman III

The recent patch in overwatch made it much more CPU intensive. I am having issues with my 5700 XT though as well. I was getting same frames as you in OW for the first day but then after a day of not playing and going back my card refuses to exceed 100 usually sitting at about 80fps WITH NO SETTINGS CHANGED. I don't know what to do but I know I'm really wishing I didn't purchase this card now and just went with Green Teams 2070 super. Very sad AMD would put out such a faulty product.

I have hope that AMD will fix this but the extra cost for stuff i don't need isn't worth it. At least for me. Overall I'm pretty impressed and happy, but it's a bit annoying  to have those little bugs.

Adept I

Did you manage to figure it out? I have the exact same issue of my Rx 5700 Xt aftermarket and it drives me nuts.

Well, no. But somehow it fixed itselfe (the fps issue). I read about my problem and it seems to be the game which became more cpu intense than before. So i guess i have to live with this problem. Unless Blizzard manages to utilize all 12 cores of my cpu. However i haven't found any solutions for the buzzing sound.

Adept I

I have exactly same issue. Weird buzzing when scrolling mouse wheel or moving cursor. I think this is driver issue, since it began when I installed 19.11.1

I have Powercolor RX 7500 XT Red Dragon

Anyone figured this one out?

No answers found yet. I texted Gigabyte about my problem and they say it's coilwhine which i couldn't belive since this sound also appears while fans aren't spinning.


Coil Whine doesn't need to involve any moving parts. It is caused by High Voltage in a circuit like in a PSU or GPU cards.

You might want to RMA the card and see if you get another one without the Coil Whine. Coil Whine is difficult to try and physically repair. There are ways to muffle the sound but your best bet is to RMA the GPU card.


Wow, didn't knew that. Thanks for the replay. Shuold i try getting a new card from the seller or the manufacturer?


Whoever you have the Warranty on it that is still in effect.


Well when i uninstall drivers the buzzing sound is gone.. i tried every Driver version and on every single one when i install them after 5 sec buzzing sound is coming back..
Edit: In BIOS the sound is gone too when PC BOOT UP the buzzing sound starts when drivers load up after like 5-10 seconds 
Edit2: Its only related to the Screen Drivers i installed only that and buzzing started instantly 

I think it is related to hardware acceleration. This is the only explanation I have. WIndows would not use this feature until a graphics driver is installed (Adrenalin in this case) and would allow it to do so. What sucks, is that in the current W10 you cannot disable HA because a lot of apps cannot function without it. RMA seems to be the only answer, there is no fix for this as of now.


Wow, exactly my issue! Somehow I managed to turn Radeon Software off and the coil whine in desktop was gone. Performance in the games was fine without Radeon Software. So the issue is definitely related somehow to Radeon Software.
I wrote to them but there is no response like after a week.

Journeyman III

Hey I created an account because I'm having the exact same problem with the exact same model as well (5700 XT Gigabyte OC Gaming). I also have the 19.11.1 drivers installed, but since I bought the card yesterday, I can't say if older drivers are doing the same thing.

Adept I

Hello, i have also had problems with my 5700XT, black screen, fps drops, stuttering, and only response from AMD on this issue was update to latest drivers which just made Everything worse for some reason, after buying new PSU and switching rams, removing drivers with DDU and reinstalling windows i finally made a decision to just return the card and get a 2070 super. So far i have had no problems with this new card everything just works, only bad thing is that its more expensive but atleast the card is performing and drivers are working.

Journeyman III

Same clicking/buzzing noise here, it was fine for the first week and then started this annoying noise.

Gigabyte RX 5700 XT Gaming OC

Adept I

Same buzzing here on a Gigabyte Gaming OC 5700 XT. It's most noticeable when scrolling through web pages which a lot of content which makes me think it's related to hardware acceleration as I know they had issues with that in Discord. It can be fixed if you install the 19.9.2 drivers on a clean install and then install them again (no idea why this works) found it here: but that means you miss out on the game optimisations since then.

Thanks for your post. Do i have to make a clean install of windows or just the amd drivers with ddu?


I used DDU to remove the existing driver, installed 19.9.2 from here:  (the WHQL drivers) and then (which is the bit I really don't understand) ran the installer again and after it had finished the noise was gone. I have however since updated to the latest driver as the old one has issues with different programs and lacks game optimisations for some of the games I'm playing. The sound has returned although it no longer seems to be all the time. Still none the wiser what is causing it though

Interesting. The sound occasionally goes away for me too, but my theory is still that for a product that I have paid GBP 400+, I should not have any of these issues. I had many GPU's before and none of them had this particular issue. I have resorted to RMA in the end, as it is unacceptable. I have a fairly open case and do a lot of work that requires concentration and silence, and this noise is dreadful. 

I hope it works out for other users.

Thanks for the post. I have tried it and it doesn't work for me unfortunately. As soon as HA is enabled the noise is going crazy regardless of driver even with the DDU method. 


Sorry it didn't work for you. The main thing seems to be running the installer twice which fixes it. Absolutely no clue why, it makes no sense, but did work for me. I followed the advice of JulyRiot in the Reddit thread I posted above.


I tried it with ddu and it worked magic for me. Weird sound is gone. Hopefully for ever. Thanks alot.  

Journeyman III

I FIXED it another way. I install 19.11.3 (didn't try 19.12.2 adren ed 2020, it gives me black screen smtimes). Then go to Wattman (Gaming->Global settings). Set everything to default. Then pick Frequency/Voltage to manual. Then move dot on min freq (i have 800 mhz) from bottom line to 1000 mV. Click Apply. Annoing crrzzz must go. Then move 800mhz dot upper if u still hear and nervous about it. Or move dot down. Don't forget to Push Apply. Set optimal minimal voltage to feel comfortable with dying hornet in your pc. NOTICE: make tests in progs and games to check stability. If it is ok, so look to your temps, set manualy if u want. I set (800 mhz, 1000mV) - (2029 mhz, 1172mV(def)), temps auto, 5700xt Gigabyte. 

Could you please provide more details for Frequence/Voltage?
like MIN / AVG / MAX for each of them?
I set for Frequence
800 1300 1800
For Voltage
1000 1050 1200

And it reduced coil whine during the desktop (like on 50%, still annoying), but also reduced my performance and increase slightly temps.

Journeyman III

I also have the same problem and it is slightly annoying. When I uninstall the drivers I do not hear the noise. I followed a few of the steps above to fix the problem; but none have found me a solution yet. Thinking about RMA the card just because I'm not sure if this will affect the longevity of it or not. 

Adept I

I'm also experiencing this issue. My build is:

So for my its Sapphire 5700xt Nitro+
Coil whine is there even when GPU is not loaded, just my moving cursor around some icons in Windows toolbar or during the web-page scrolling in Google Chrome.
I have contacted support but the issue is still not resolved. One of the advice they provided to me is to replace different system's components (like Motherboard or PSU), but I already have tried it and it didn't help. There were no guidance for details of which exactly component I should aim, so I don't know what to do.

Coil whine is terrible.

I'm also experiencing some serious coil whine with my Sapphire 5700xt Nitro+, even at 60 this in your opinion enough to RMA this card?


Absolutely. Although it largely depends on your other components as well. I have a high quality powersupply therefore, coil whine is not normal for me and for this reason they agreed to send it back to the manufacturer. 

My PSU is a brand new Seasonic Focus Plus 750W 80 Plus Gold. I also haven't experienced any coil whine on my previous GPU (msi 2060 super gaming x) so I think I will start the RMA process.


I think I'm going to give up and RMA it. Can you tell me how you did it?

I also noticed that if I terminate somehow Radeon software (sometimes you can do it via TriXX software on TriXX boost tab by changing rendering resolution), then coil whine stops during the desktop activities (mouse cursor moving, scrolling). That's strange. It looks like Radeon software doing something that causes it, but I failed to find what exactly.


Its called hardware acceleration, the radeon software enables it. Thants what I think anyways. The RMA process depends on the vendor, but in my case I had to describe the issue and send a video of it as it occurs. I hope this helps. 

My vendor is Sapphire, and the GPU itself is Sapphire 5700XT Nitro+.
I will try to do so


Try to contact the retailer, they will be able to direct your card towards Sapphire. In my case it was Overclockers and they sent it back to Powercolor. 

Adept III

I forced Vsync on (via Adrenalin 2020 gui) for each game that I have installed and its much better now.


But what about desktop activities? Like browsing/scrolling web-pages. Strong coil whine happens there for most of the users here

Yes, my exact issue; I am doing an RMA on the card on Monday.

I have build second PC for my wife based on 2070s GPU, and there is no coil whine in desktop activities. Even tried this new card with my PC where 5700xt usually installed — there were no coil whine with new card.
Seems that the issues in my case directly in the card/drivers, not in the other components. I tried to reinstall the drivers but it didn't work.

I'm thinking of RMA too, but I will wait till the new drivers will be released. If issue will not be fixed, then I will proceed with RMA