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Adept I

Graphics Card Fan Speed Will Not Increase

Hey All, 

So I just setup a new system including an R9 290 and everything seemed to be working great on startup. I soon noticed that my GPU temp was climbing even in basically idle--no gaming, no rendering, no videos. Eventually it gets up to 80c and when I open Wattman in the Radeon software, the fan speed isn't increasing no matter what the temperature is. As long as fan speed is set to automatic, the fan stays at 1015 RPM all the time, no matter what. 

I can change the fan speed to manual, jack it up and the GPU temp drops as expected. But when I set it back to automatic the RPMs go right back to 1015 again. Even at 100% idle the card is running at +/- 65c on startup (with obviously the same fan speed).

I'm not sure what the issue is, but the hope is that this rig can be used for rendering, which would be a problem with a fan speed that never moves. I don't know if there's another piece of software that is conflicting with Radeon's? I updated to the most recent driver, no effect. Other system specs include:

- Windows 10 64-Bit

- MB: ASRock X370M Pro 4

- Just to clarify, this is not a brand new card. I got it from a friend who was upgrading, but he never had any issues so it shouldn't be a hardware issue out of the box. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


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Adept I

So I saw that people were having a similar problem with the same card type a few months ago on this thread: 

Did some of those people actually find a solution? 

Just to clarify, I do not have any third party graphics software loaded on the machine.

There is an A-Tuning program that came with the motherboard and does have toggle options for the CPU and case fans, but it doesn't have options for tuning the GPU fans. Would this be causing any conflict? 


Hey, i have Radeon x570 and have the same problem.. fan didnt want to run... i installed msi afterburner and manually did it run. but i think its a problem of our manufacturer… no more AMD RADEON in my life!! 


So I ended up figuring it out. 

The ASRock motherboard that I have came with its own software for tuning RGB LED color and fan speed for the base system. This software ended up being in conflict with Radeon's software for regulating its own fan speed (for reasons passing understanding). Once I disabled and uninstalled the A-Tuning software, the Radeon software functioned normally. 

**That being said, I think the factory settings were still letting the GPU get too hot before the fan really kicked in. I did end up tweaking the max temp down from 95 so that the fan kicked in before it got so high. However, it is working now.** 

My motherboard has RGB connector too, and video cart has RGB too but there is no cable connector from graphic card to motherboard.

Motherboard is Asus TUF Gaming B450. Bios has its own set up for FAN Speed. But there is no graphic card fan adjustments. May be you are right, and i should see how to connect my Radeon RX 570 and Asus motherboard.