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Journeyman III

Grainy textures using RX580

Greetings fellow AMD users,

As a first time AMD user i got a budget gaming PC (could be kind of low end) and was trying to do some gaming.

I installed the latest driver provided by AMD ( Adrenalin 2020). And i installed some of the games such as CIV 6, Destiny 2.

While playing i noticed some issue popping up, and that is particularly grainy textures on grass, trees, some reflections (water, rivers), and on hair ( for the CIV 6 characters). So i was like hmmm ok this could be that i started these games in some kind of a low end PC (since thats how low end my previous PC was) so i checked the settings and almost everything (if not everything) was set to max. I googled a bit, and i am posting this before actually testing out tonight the resolution, it appears that someone had exactly the same issue as me (ufnortunately 2 yeats ago)  <--- link to that AMD page (literally the same issue as that user) . But got no solution to that. What i found on google, is that the solution could be just rollbacking/installing older driver. Did anyone else had this kind of similiar issue? It would be great to help me out

Specs :

I5 -4460 k

10gb RAM (yep such a weird number, don't ask)

RX5580 4g

Any help is appreciated!!

Best regards!

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