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Journeyman III

GPU maxed out 100 percent while watching recorded vids

I have an interesting bug going on, dunno how to explain it. Basically, I bought my RX 570 8 gig sapphire pulse around 2 weeks ago.

First week was great. Recorded whatever the hell I wanted and watched them and no stutters no nothing, it's just great.

Now I have an interesting bug going on, something I am convinced is a bug. Any time, any time at all I try to watch a video (my recording or someone else's), the GPU usage maxes out and the video stutters like absolute hell, fans go crazy. Task manager shows the GPU itself being utilized 100 percent, but it's actually just the decoder. Every other part of the GPU is 0 percent used. The decoder is bottlenecking the hell out of videos on the PC. This does not include stuff on the browser like Youtube or whatnot, those work fine.

This is especially hilarious as I had decent performance while recording said videos, never below 60 fps. I used AVC on a variety of bitrates for these vids, ranging from 15 to 35. All of them stutter.

Loading said videos to Premiere Pro also allows me to watch them without stuttering in premiere's playback. Seems like Premiere actually uses the CPU and the gpu itself just fine without just going ham on the decoder.

Disabling hardware acceleration completely on VLC seems to work, it dedicates it all to the CPU and videos are buttery smooth.

The thing is though, all of the other media players like windows' own doesn't do that, and they still stutter. Plus, I really don't think this should be happening in the first place. It didn't use to happen, now it does. Do I have to work around this by disabling hardware acceleration completely? Is there no way to fix this properly?

(On a side note and a bit unrelated, all my HEVC recordings are 21 fps despite me setting them to 60. Why?)

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Journeyman III

Ah, I forgot to tell that I am using the latest drivers. I was on 19.7.1 when I bought the card, now I'm on 19.7.3. This started happening a few days before the release of 19.7.2.