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Journeyman III

games like Tibia micro stuttering Adrenaline option's dont work

Hi i have ryzen 5600x and rx 6650xt and have problem in 2d games like Tibia.

Despite the high stable frame rate like 190 fps the game is not smooth, everything when moving the character vibrates, it looks just like the so-called microstuttering and even much worse.Limiting the frame rate v-sync and other things do not help much and the game is still not smooth and should be regardless of the frame rate(as long as they are above 60) all other graphics whether it's spells graphics or npc etc are smooth but the “environment” or when I move everything vibrates, oscillates.
Of course I checked the adrenaline settings, but it looks like almost none of them affect the game, and certainly not the free sync which should eliminate these micro vibrations (it works for me e.g. in league of legends) is added to the library and measures fps, but I can't do much more than change colors and open gl triple buffering (and that's only from the general settings) because from the “adrenaline game settings” does not respond. And this option alone eliminates stuttering in its own way but adds horrible vertical waving of graphics in the game.
I did everything and nothing makes the game playable,please help
It would be nice if amd adrenaline was embraced under games of this type because so far nothing helps.


Here is described more please also watch the videos.


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