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Adept I

I got a update to my AMD graphics driver & after installing it the graphics switched to Microsoft dr

Hello I got a AMD, Inc. graphics driver V 31.0.21910.4002 so I installed it and after restart all of my AMD Adrenalin edition was gone and this new driver switched graphics to a  Microsoft edition but with these same numbers. 

So has any one in AMD graphics driver department has gotten this same problem why I get a driver update from AMD,Inc. and I was sent a driver update that deleted my AMD Adrenaline app and replaced it with all Microsoft graphics driver that I could not get rid of then try and get back the AMD adrenaline softwear app so my pc would work right.

How do I get a AMD graphics driver that won't miss up my laptop?  I had to do a restore point and the AMD adrenaline was still gone from right clicking on desktop to bring up AMD web page that shows everything about it. I figured how to get adrenaline edition working again.  but my graphics driver is still the older version so how can I get this driver right here on AMD web site?

thanks for any help

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Journeyman III

It sounds like you've encountered a frustrating issue with your AMD graphics driver update. It's not uncommon for driver updates to occasionally cause unexpected behavior.

Firstly, it's important to ensure that you're downloading drivers from the official AMD website to avoid any compatibility issues or unwanted software changes.

If you've already experienced problems after installing a driver update, one solution is to perform a clean installation of the AMD graphics driver. This involves completely removing the current driver and then reinstalling the latest version from scratch.

You can typically find instructions for performing a clean driver installation on the AMD website or by searching online. Following these steps should help to resolve any issues and ensure that your graphics driver is functioning correctly.

If you continue to experience problems, reaching out to AMD support or community forums for assistance could also be helpful.


How is it possible that Microsoft update DOWNGRADES an AMD driver?

Journeyman III



My windows update automatically installed these two AMD drivers


Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Extension - 31.0.21910.4002 (0x00240006)

AMD - System - (0x00240006)


And this led to my entire AMD Radeon graphics system being DOWNGRADED back to an older version (from the updated 2024 version by AMD to the Microsoft generic or whatever driver, the latest of which is an older 2022 version.


This happens more commonly than you may think.

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