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Journeyman III

Fluctuations in GPU Utilization and Low FPS

Hi everyone! I recently upgraded to a 6900XT Reference card (from a 3060 Ti) and have had nothing but problems since day one of installing the card. I have noticed huge fluctuations in performance in two of the games that I play the most, BeamNG drive and Flight Simulator 2020.

The first major problem is GPU Utilization, with the second, and related problem being huge drops in FPS. Without making any changes to the Radeon settings, I started the game and noticed it was hovering around 70-80 FPS (I used to get 100+ FPS in the same map with the same settings on the 3060Ti) and when I began driving around one of the maps, I noticed the frame rate drop to around 50-60 FPS the faster I was driving around the map, something I didn't notice with my 3060 Ti.

After creating threads on a few other forums associated with BeamNG drive and doing some more research on my own, I came across a few posts about minimum and maximum frequency settings. Yesterday, I ran a test by setting the min frequency to 2,015 Mhz and max frequency to 2,115 Mhz with the other settings remaining the same. The FPS increased to a relatively stable 105-120 FPS (similar to the fluctuations I would see with the 3060 Ti) with power usage of around 150W and continuous fluctuations in total card usage in terms of %. It appears that these settings might have partially solved the issue because if I were to revert the settings back to what they were before, the FPS begins to drop as low at 50 FPS with lots of fluctuations.

When it comes to FS2020, I haven't spent much time playing the game with the new card, but I did notice a fair bit of fluctuations in GPU util. there as well although the FPS has remained somewhat stable, although well below what I've seen in benchmarking videos online.

I also tried playing a bit of GTA 5 yesterday and while I was getting decent FPS, with maxed out settings, I did get a crash which prevented me from running any decent tests with that game.

Now what I'm trying to figure out is that do I need to set min and max frequencies for every game that I play and/or what settings should I change to get the most out of this GPU, because like I said above, even though I was able to get stable FPS by setting min and max frequencies (but with massive fluctuations in GPU utilization), the overall performance in BeamNG drive was pretty much the same as it was with the 3060 Ti?? I definitely don't want to get rid of this card as it seems to have a lot of potential in terms of performance but it's been quite frustrating to try and get this thing to work since the day I installed it in my system.


Ryzen 9 3900X

Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi X570

4 x 8GB Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RC DDR4 3600MHz C18

2 x 1Tb SSDs

Resolution: 3440x1440

*I recently downloaded and updated the chipset drivers, GPU drivers (21.6.2), and also removed the Nvidia drivers using DDU right before switching from one GPU to the other.

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Adept I

make sure you have pci cables setup correctly, if wrong it wont utilize full gpu potential.