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Journeyman III

Error Code 43

I have a 6800xt and am getting an error code 43 message.  I've been running the GPU in tandem with another one in order to trouble shoot.  I've tried a number of different fixes including removing and reinstalling drivers, reinstalling windows, and replacing hardware components.  When installing drivers using AMD Auto-detect tool, the software recognizes the GPU.  However, when I start up Adrenaline, Adrenaline does not recognize the GPU.  I checked the GPU using TechPowerUP GPU-Z.  GPU-Z also recognizes the GPU, but it does not load any of the bios settings when the problematic GPU is selected.  It shows zeros in all of the relevant fields.

I considered trying the AMDBVFlash tool to reinstall the bios, but it does not recognize the GPU.  

I'm trying to find out if there is a straightforward solution to this problem or if the GPU is gone.

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