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Journeyman III


A question about EDID locking on WX7100 under Win10.

When you pin a specific output to the EDID contained in a file that has been previously exported, what display settings are NOT covered by that?

i.e. Is the lock just locking a given *set* of timings and resolutions, of which one resolution is still the preferred monitor rez.

The pafrticular settings I'm interested in whether they clone/lock when the EDID is applied, or must all these still be independently set per monitor:

* Monitor resolution (Set in Windows display settings)

* Monitor refresh rate (Set in Windows display settings)

* Orientation

* Colour depth (8bpc/ 10bpc)  (Set in Radeon Pro settings)

* HDR mode

Finally, we've seen something a bit odd when driving an LG video wall panel. The panel is natively 1920x1080, but can, like most of these type of panels, accept a 4Kp30 signal to do its own tiling etc.  WX7100 drivers can report the signal resolution as being different from the Windows monitor resolution. So we've seen the desktop rez set to 1080p30 but the signal reported as 4Kp30. Is there a setting somewhere in the Radeon settings (or anywhere for that matter) to actually force it to output what the Windows setting is?  Once we flipped the refresh to 60Hz then the signal rez dropped to 1920 x 1080.

I should add for completeness that this is with the GPU DisplayPort output running into an ALogic ACTIVE DP to HDMI converter, and from there into a bog-standard Crestron HDMI over UTP Line extender, feeding HDMI from the receiver into monitor's HDMI input.

Also, in this particular case, the timings for the monitor appeared to suggest (even more confusingly) that it was 1920 x 1200.



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