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Journeyman III

Dual monitor screen flickering? (RX580)

I have an RX580 nitro+ 8GB and I tried to attach a second "monitor" (really a projector) to watch videos while I use the main monitor to do internet surfing and other computery stuff. The problem is that both the monitor and the projector flicker when I do certain things, like moving the mouse arrow around or minimize/maximize windows, see this video for an example: AMD dual monitor flicker - YouTube     The voice you can hear in the background is from a video playing on the secondary "monitor" (which also flickers when the primary monitor flickers).

What I'd like to know is if this is a hardware or a software issue (since my card is still under warranty).

P.S. My card is not overclocked (see the attached screenshot for the frequency details).

PC specs:

OS Windows 10 Pro 64bit  10.0.16299 build 16299

CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1231 v3 @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 core, 8 thread

Mainboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC Z97 Pro Gamer

BIOS Version American Megatrends Inc. 2107, 11/11/2015


GPU - Radeon RX 580 Series

software Radeon - 17.11.1

software Radeon version - Crimson ReLive

memory - 8192 MB - GDDR5

Clock GPU - 1411 MHz

RAM 16,0 GB

PSU Silverstone SX600-G - 600 Watts

Primary monitor - LG W2453 1080p

Secondarhy monitor - ABOX projector 800x480p

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Journeyman III

I resolved this problem turn off AMD FreeSync on one of the monitors.

Thanks for this man! 

I have the same problem and it became very annoying while working in any fullscreen application. Hope they can fix this but for the moment this fixed it for me.


Thanks, it helped.  it's anew bug for me and I'm not sure what cause it. The new windows update or the new driver. I had no problem before. I hope they will fix it. 


Thank you for suggesting this.  I had FreeSync turned on under global settings.  I turned it off everywhere I could find and now it doesn't flicker. 

The flickering didn't occur during gameplay.  It started right after I would quit the game and return to desktop.  All good now.  My monitors are compatible with FreeSync so I'm not sure what changed in the last 2 weeks.  Thanks again.  


This also worked for me! hopefully that was the fix


thank you!


Journeyman III


I had the same issue but after installing the patch all was good, go check it out.

AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher 


Unfortunately the patch doesn't work for me. Everything is still flickering. Only disabling the freesync on one of the monitors do the trick 

Journeyman III

The only way I found to fix it is to use the Radeon Software and under the display settings enable Virtual Super Resolution (VSR). Hope this helps anyone having similar issues.


Just tried it. For me VSR or VSR+GPU Scaling while FreeSync is still ON, don't work. The only thing that works is disabling FreeSync from Display Options and letting it on AMD optimized from each game's profile(the Gaming tab from AMD Software).

Altough I think I'll leave VSR and GPU Scaling ON.

Adept II

Try using the 19.5.2 drivers, or anything before October 2018 or so.

This is a bug introduced with the Navi support: 



From my experience (HP are now replacing my 2 year old (Out of warranty) desktop) as there does not appear to be a solution for this!

If you use version 26.20.12028.2 drivers from the Microsoft Update Catalogue website with free sync on all will work but no updates! However, you will have to investigate which one is best for your build though.

On saying that, if you de-activate the Free sync in the software for all monitors, all should be good on the latest drivers.


Oh, can you explain just one thing to me about this? I have noticed that nearly every post about flickering gets swarmed by answers about FreeSync, yet somehow the video linked in the opening post of this thread shows “AMD FreeSync: Not supported”, and the author never mentioned FreeSync. Is there an explanation for this phenomenon?

I have also never said anything about FreeSync in my reply above, and my monitor definitely does not have FreeSync support.


Well in a word "No". On saying that, it is something to do with the issue. If I use the drivers as mentioned the issue does not happen.

Now HP are replacing my desktop unit as they cannot fix my flickering issues.

Dropbox - HP Flickering on Omen 880 Desktop  


Yes it's interesting indeed but usually FreeSync is what fixes it for most people so it's kind of logical that they post what solved the problem for them. 


Do you mean ‘I had a completely different problem so here is the solution which you saw suggested about 50 times before in other threads but is not related to your problem in any way’? Or are people just bumping up their post count or something this way?

Our reports of an actual problem not related to FreeSync constantly get drowned out by these suggestions and this is honestly infuriating.


With this attitude maybe you don't deserve to be helped. 

Journeyman III

Same problem here with Windows 10 Pro, 21H1.

Before that, I did not experience such a problem.

I just tried uninstalling (resetting to factory defaults) the AMD driver and then reinstalling it using the 21.7.1 version.

On the second display, with both first and second being Samsung UHD displays, apps will start flickering when in fullscreen window mode.

But not all apps, for now it is just Google Chrome which shows this erratic behaviour, which is still annoying considering the second display to be the one where I read online documentation and whatnot.

Making the Google Chrome window a wee bit smaller than fullscreen will fix that issue for me, though.

Other apps such as LibreOffice, Notepad`++ or Blender will not have that problem when running in fullscreen window mode.

I wonder who is the culprit here... the amd driver or Google Chrome and similar such misbehaving applications?


Journeyman III

I also had a problem with one of my monitors flickering while switching between different windows.

Toggling AMD freesync did not help and enabling Virtual Super Resolution didn't help either. 

What worked for me though was lowering the monitor's refresh rate from 144 to 120. If anyone else has this problem try changing your refresh rate.